Bathroom Redo

We moved into our home about 5 years ago this May.  We felt like the house just needed a little love.  Easy, right?  But it seems like it has been a bit of a love vacuum, or in other words a lot more work than we thought. There was the pink facade that we wanted to paint.

We thought for sure that would be one of the first projects we would tackle, but it took us almost 2.5 years to paint it.  It seemed like every time I pulled up to our pink house, I cringed a little.  Whenever I mentioned our pink house, my friends would try to make me feel better by saying, “Well, it isn’t really pink. It is more like salmon.”  I guess on the bright side, it was always easy to find.  “Take a left it is the first pink…no…salmon house on the right.”  Once it was finally painted I couldn’t believe it had taken us so long.  But you know how it goes…with a young growing family it is hard to get anything done.

Another one of those projects that we had planned to do the moment we moved in was to update the bathrooms.  Both bathrooms seemed like they were made for ultra short people.  My husband and I are very averaged height people, so it was the first time I had every experience that odd feeling of having to bend over just to turn on the sink.  Bizarre feeling.

Well, there are tons of projects we have tackled and the 5 year facelift is finally starting to feel like it is going somewhere.

Here is what our bathroom looked like a few months ago. Yikes!

Here is what it looks like today.


Definitely not completed, but infinitely better than what it was.  We finally started our remodel because of a water leak that lead us to redoing all the original plumbing to the tub/shower area.   This also meant that we had to replace the tile surround, which was ok because it really needed to be redone anyway.  It was original to the house and the grout was shot.  We also had to replace the window, again, because it was old and so gross.  Ideally, I would have loved to do away with the window all together.  Who wants a window in a shower?  But the outside of the house would have looked really unbalanced (plus a ton of work) if we had walled over the window.  The heating unit went out in our bathroom a few years ago, so we put a heated tile floor in.  Which feels amazing in the middle of winter!  And since we did all the work ourselves, price wise it wasn’t much more than it would have been to just replace the unit that was already in the wall.  We swapped the single sink, super-low and old vanity for an Ikea double vanity that is not as deep, but has tons more accessible storage space.  Thankfully, I showed up at Ikea on a day when their floor models were on clearance with an additional 30% off of that.  So, it was a huge blessing and over half off the retail price.

We also added a pocket door that leads into our room.  Before we had to walk through the hall.  Not so much fun when you have guests staying with you. Thankfully, we had been saving up for this redo, so when the water leak raised it very ugly and elusive head we weren’t quite as thrown for a loop.

I am so thankful for a husband who knows how to use power tools!  Aaron and I cannot wait to finish the last things like finishing the trim, hanging a large mirror, and putting some color in there with accessories.  I will be sure to post more pictures when we are finished up.

What have you all been up to in your homes?

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4 thoughts on “Bathroom Redo

  1. Work well done! Our latest project was putting two rolling shelves in the garage and two in the heater room. Craft supplies and seasonal decorations are now easy to access. Woohoo!!!

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