Welcome to A Joyful Dwelling!  This blog is a collection of thoughts, projects, and pictures meant to inspire you to learn with me and do the things you are passionate about.  You will never become an expert unless you are brave enough to be a beginner.

My home is my office, my nest, my sanctuary, and the place where our family’s  memories are made.  Along with being a mom of three and a pastor’s wife, I enjoy creating, thrifting, sewing, spending time with good friends, upcycling and pretty much anything that involves being creative.

I opened a store on Etsy a few years ago called Breezy Girl Designs .  My store name comes from a nickname I have had since I was a baby. My parents, family and friends lovingly refer to me as Breezy. When I left home, in some ways I left that name behind. But whenever I go back home and hear that name again, it resonates within me a sense of home, simplicity, and imagination. Through my blog, I hope you are able to sense that heritage.

I am learning right along with you.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

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